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The "Productivity Powerkit: a workbook for ADHD and non-ADHD maximizers" is a science-based collection of worksheets aimed to help you increase your productivity in a healthy way (no toxic productivity here!) and reduce stress and overwhelm. 


It includes over 40 worksheets in several modules; those modules include task management, time management, prioritization, organization, and overcoming obstacles, such as difficult thoughts and feelings and stress. 


Each worksheet includes brief instructions to guide you, but you can use these worksheets however you so choose - come back to them as often as you need. The worksheet can be used digitally on your computer or tablet or can be printed and used with pen or pencil (the worksheets were designed with minimal color ink on most of the pages to reduce your use in case you want to print it).


A sampling of what's included:

  • Daily and weekly planner sheets
  • Financial organization trackers
  • SMART goals worksheet
  • Values worksheets
  • Eisenhower matrix worksheet
  • Time estimation tracker
  • Energy matching worksheet
  • Habit stacking planner and habit review tracker
  • Thought traps worksheet
  • And much more!


Each purchase includes a DIGITAL download in the form of a PDF (no physical product is included).


*DISCLAIMER: Purchase, use, or review of this workbook does not qualify as mental health or medical treatment. This workbook does not constitute as and/or replace mental health diagnosis, assessment, or intervention (treatment).

Productivity Powerkit: a workbook for ADHD and non-ADHD maximizers