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Hi thereI'm Dr. Jessica B. Stern.

I help individuals, teams, and companies maximize their wellness and performance through media, speaking, and consultation.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a passion in working with people to help them live their best life, as their best selves. I am passionate about media, speaking, as well as providing consultation to corporate teams to build organizational health and am a frequent media contributor. I am a current co-host of the 'Psychiatry Show' on Doctor Radio on SiriusXM, an advisor for Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey's mental fitness ecosystem Wondermind, and a reviewer for SELF Magazine. I am currently a faculty psychologist at NYU Langone Health. 

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Media agencies who need a media-saavy voice to share education and information about health and wellness.


Companies or organizations who are looking for an experiences speaker to deliver workshops or panels on wellness and productivity.


Healthcare providers who are interested in increasing the efficacy in evidence-based practice and learning how to engage in media.

Let's work together!

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I offer media consultation to healthcare providers, corporate consultation on wellness, and much more.

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I speak at large and small scale events for a range of small teams to Fortune 500 companies in the form of talks, workshops, and panels.

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I am a radio host on SiriusXM, am a frequent contributor to print, radio, TV, and podcast, and offer consultation for film and television.

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"Taking action with intention means slowing down and asking what your 'why power' is: why do you want make a change, grow, or reflect. Then, it means finding ways to use your mind and resources to take actions that align with your 'why power' and values."

Dr. Jessica B. Stern


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