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Hi there, it's so good to meet you!

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, consultant, trainer, public speaker, and media contributor. a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry. at NYU Langone Health.


I do therapy with individuals and in groups at NYU Langone Health as well as provide consultation and training to clinicians, organizations, and brands. I am also a regular media contributor to television, radio, news, and magazines.


I specialize in trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, substance use, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults across all populations. Additionally, I also have a strong passion in productivity, time-management, reducing overwhelm, and executive functioning. 


I serve as a host for the psychiatry show on Doctor Radio on SiriusXM and contributes to other radio, television, newspaper, and magazine segments, articles, and videos. I am on the advisory committee of Wondermind, a mental fitness ecosystem co-founded by Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey, and am a review for SELF Magazine.


I obtained my PhD in clinical psychology at Drexel University, completed my predoctoral internship at the Corporal Michael C. Crecencz VA Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA and my postdoctoral fellowship at NYU Langone Health.


I am licensed in NY, NJ, CT, with telehealth licensure in Florida.

I have two primary professional values that drive me:


(1) to support individuals in developing skills to live their best life;

(2) to disseminate information to the public about mental health and wellness in ways that are engaging and approachable.


My goal is to empower individuals, either through therapy, or through speaking engagements and media, to learn more about how one can become his or her own therapist or develop their own power toolkit of skills to excel in life.

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