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i can help,


Media agencies who need a media-saavy voice to share education and information about health and wellness.


Companies or organizations who are looking for an experiences speaker to deliver workshops or panels on wellness and productivity.


Healthcare providers who are interested in increasing the efficacy in evidence-based practice and learning how to engage in media.


Speaking Engagements

As an acclaimed speaker, I can help elevate your company, organization, or brand to maximize productivity, reduce burnout, improve mental wellness, and support workplace development.

I offer speaking engagements at conferences, workshops, retreats, keynotes, and more and am always inspired to create bespoke workshops, panel discussions, and workshops according the needs of the organization or company. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I base my engagements on evidence-practice but creates content that is approachable, practical, and applicable to real life.


Frequently requested topics include, 

  • Reducing burnout

  • Improving individual and team-based productivity

  • Improving mental health at the workplace

  • Getting involved in media, with confidence and boundaries

  • Using technology for wellness

  • ... and much more.


What clients are saying

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